About Us

Hey Y’all, I’m Genesis. I’d like to be able to say Only Hope was my doing, but let’s get real here, I’m a simple southern girl.

Almost a year ago a fire started within me to begin a Tshirt ministry. I asked God for a confirmation and boy did he make it clear time after time, that this was what he had created me for. So with the Lord’s vision, direction, and provision, here we are!

Our Heart

The world is hurting and in need. It needs the love, hope, and compassion that only the body of Christ can bring. Let’s return to our first love, our first conviction, our first passion, our first hope and let it be known to all we come in contact with that we carry the love and “the hope of the nations” Jesus Christ within us. If He is truly within us, we can not contain Him.

My prayer over every shirt is that they will start a fire in people’s hearts, including yours. That all who see will come to know the hope we have in Jesus Christ our Savior. Make a difference friends whether you are wearing our shirts or not. The world needs you and The Hope that you carry. Jesus is our Only Hope.